Some Upcoming Events

Hey folks!

Happy New Year!

Lots going on. The live album (Nick Di Maria Quintet Still Cool: Live at the Outer Space) got a great reception from those who listened to it. Many people were telling me that they wanted a physical copy so the band and I decided to have it pressed. Hopefully it will be out and in stores soon.

Speaking of albums, the next studio release The Beatnik is now coming together and I can not stress how proud of this project I am. The band sounded great and I am very grateful for all the help we got from Firehouse 12 in New Haven.

I’m looking forward to 2 big shows that are going on at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT. On 2/10/13 we will be part of the Outer Space Winter Jazz Festival a day long event with 4 other local acts. All proceeds will go to donation. The band is also welcoming saxophonist Greg La Pine to join the stage with us.

The other big event is the Outer Space Presents Saxophonist Wayne Escoffrey. For the last year, the Outer Space Jazz Series has been bringing in talent from the NYC jazz scene. Wayne is the next veteren to show us how things are done in Hamden.

I hope the New Year is treating you all very well. Hope to see you at some shows.

Come hang.



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