The Buttonwood Tree last weekend

I am still feeling the great vibes from last Saturday night!

The band performed at Middletown’s Buttonwood Tree. Its a performance space right on Main Street that neighbors many local bars and restaurant. I’ve played at TBT numerous times with my quartet and my experimental group, The Zero Dollar Trio.
Most times there hadn’t been much of a crowd. It always felt like there would be a couple people who politely listened for a tune or two then left. In terms of ZDT, we actually made 4 people walk out due to the absence of open mindedness and musical taste.

This last weekend was a very different surprise. We had one of the most receptive audiences I’ve ever had. Normally I don’t care if there’s people listening; the band is always playing our hearts out regardless but I mean come on, let’snot kid ourselves here.

We played music from the two albums and two brand new compositions that had only been played once before. The band aced them like they had been in the book for years!!

One of the new compositions was the Mwandishi influenced ‘Esoteric,’ a tune with multiple cued sections that rely more on group improvisation than changes and structure. The other, ‘Brand New Package’ is more along the lines of an early 70’s funk tune a la “Willie Nelson,”  “Its About That Time,” or “Spanish Key.” I was very pleased by the results.

Although the CD release is coming up, it was the first gig that our new record was available at and the response was incredible. People have been commenting on the “fluid and original” writing of the compositions and the high level of playing. I can’t not stress how humble and in awe I am. I can’t wait for the CD Release!


Some Upcoming Events

Hey folks!

Happy New Year!

Lots going on. The live album (Nick Di Maria Quintet Still Cool: Live at the Outer Space) got a great reception from those who listened to it. Many people were telling me that they wanted a physical copy so the band and I decided to have it pressed. Hopefully it will be out and in stores soon.

Speaking of albums, the next studio release The Beatnik is now coming together and I can not stress how proud of this project I am. The band sounded great and I am very grateful for all the help we got from Firehouse 12 in New Haven.

I’m looking forward to 2 big shows that are going on at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT. On 2/10/13 we will be part of the Outer Space Winter Jazz Festival a day long event with 4 other local acts. All proceeds will go to donation. The band is also welcoming saxophonist Greg La Pine to join the stage with us.

The other big event is the Outer Space Presents Saxophonist Wayne Escoffrey. For the last year, the Outer Space Jazz Series has been bringing in talent from the NYC jazz scene. Wayne is the next veteren to show us how things are done in Hamden.

I hope the New Year is treating you all very well. Hope to see you at some shows.

Come hang.