Still Cool 10/22/12

Hey folks!

I’m pleased to announce  the release of my band’s live album is finally available online at It was recorded last March at the Outer Space in Hamden, CT.

The album features original music from my studio records along with some classic material that’s in the band’s live book.

Please consider supporting the scene by purchasing the record. All proceeds continue the band’s pursuit to bring you original music.



10/16/12 Day Giggers

Good morning everybody,

I recently read an article about “day-giggers,” people who work a day job and play music part time. What struck me right away is that I am one of these people. I currently work as a middle school teacher and perform as well. I consider myself a professional performer considering the level I feel I am playing at. However, I liked how this article mentioned people like me and some of my colleagues due to the lack of steady work nation wide many of us have to turn to a regular job to support our musical goals.

Check it  out:

Hey Folks, 
Just got the tracks from the upcoming live album. They sound terrific! I’m so pumped for the releases that will be coming out soon. Stay tuned for more details. 
The band has a lot of shows for the rest of the year. Come hang. We’d love to see you there!


Whoa where do I begin!??

I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to sit and just update the website. It looks like I haven’t written anything since January..yikes!

Ok so here were go:

The band is doing very well. We’ve been playing consistantly throughout the northeast, mainly in the New Haven area. Some of our regular gigs have died out and I searched for other places to work which is slowly but surely turning into ‘new’ regular work. The new tunes sound great and led to a recording session at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 in July. We recorded 9 tracks. For a couple of tunes the band was augmented into a 5tet or 6tet with guitar and saxophone. I am so pleased by the results and look forward to the release. The album will be called ‘The Beatnik’ themed with my connection to Beatnik literature and lifestyle. I wanted to reflect something moving forward but grounded in artistic roots. Let’s see if the East Rock Hipsters dig it. Maybe when I press it on vinyl I’ll be come this icon.

Another new addition to my life is the Outer Space Jazz Series. Last December I started a weekly show in Hamden at the club to promote jazz artists. Since then we’ve had a lot of great acts, most notably Jeremy Pelt and last night Jimmy Greene! In September we will have Peter Bernstein and a mini jazz festival. Back in March the band recorded a live album there. I’m so glad that the club is supporting the scene, just got to get the musicians in gear more and  come out to more shows.

More to come! Stay tuned





a BIG THANK YOU to all who came out last night at the Outer Space last night for the debut of Dr. NO! The band was great and we had a great audience giving off a great vibe for us to play.

thank you all.

December News: A new recording project and gigs

Greetings Folks,

Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. I am happy to say that this Christmas Season has been very good to me and the rest of the band. We have been working consistently since Halloween to some very receptive audiences.

The new material I wrote this year has really been gelling together. We learned it as a band at the beginning of November and have been able to play it at every gig. About 9 new tunes that will be recorded this July at Firehouse 12 studio in New Haven. Can’t say enough how excited I am for this project. The guys like the new tunes and agree that we’re really starting to get a group identity. One thing I’ve always studied was the collective sound that working bands create in jazz. From Miles, Trane, Herbie with Mwandishi, to Brubeck, Evans and the Messengers, there’s a huge difference when you have a steady line up. Once we come around to recording time the band will have played the material for about 8 months. Hopefully the recording session will just feel like any other set and the pressure one feels in the studio won’t be over our heads.

The new record, which doesn’t have a name yet, is going in the same direction as Between You & Me with heavy influences from Herbie’s Sextet from the early 70’s and late 60’s Miles. Again there will be another set of groove based tunes including the 13/4 jam “Mwhile” (meaning teacher in Swahili). With the use of the Fender Rhodes, Andy will be adding a Ring Modulator and hopefully some other snazzy effects. I have another couple of groove tunes ready to go and we’ll probably just record the ones we like best.

The band has a lot of gigs left for December so please come out and support the scene.


October News

As October comes to a close shortly, I wanted to thank my totally kick ass rhythm section that has been backing me up this month. I’m not going to waste words on a cliche’ that they are the best ever except the fact that they’re the best ever.

No more gigs this month. Last night’s at Doc’s was a success playing for  a very generous audience. The request of a Beatles tune was a nice change of pace. Our rendition of Come Together was one for the books.

November is jammed pack with dates all over CT. The band will be showcasing new material starting at Middletown’s Javapalooza Cafe that will be featured on our next record we’ll be working on this summer.

Hope to see you guys at a show or two.

Please continue to support Live Music