Whoa where do I begin!??

I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to sit and just update the website. It looks like I haven’t written anything since January..yikes!

Ok so here were go:

The band is doing very well. We’ve been playing consistantly throughout the northeast, mainly in the New Haven area. Some of our regular gigs have died out and I searched for other places to work which is slowly but surely turning into ‘new’ regular work. The new tunes sound great and led to a recording session at New Haven’s Firehouse 12 in July. We recorded 9 tracks. For a couple of tunes the band was augmented into a 5tet or 6tet with guitar and saxophone. I am so pleased by the results and look forward to the release. The album will be called ‘The Beatnik’ themed with my connection to Beatnik literature and lifestyle. I wanted to reflect something moving forward but grounded in artistic roots. Let’s see if the East Rock Hipsters dig it. Maybe when I press it on vinyl I’ll be come this icon.

Another new addition to my life is the Outer Space Jazz Series. Last December I started a weekly show in Hamden at the club to promote jazz artists. Since then we’ve had a lot of great acts, most notably Jeremy Pelt and last night Jimmy Greene! In September we will have Peter Bernstein and a mini jazz festival. Back in March the band recorded a live album there. I’m so glad that the club is supporting the scene, just got to get the musicians in gear more and  come out to more shows.

More to come! Stay tuned